This gigantic 'sea coconut' (lodoicea) comes to us from the shores of Seychelles.  Carried by winds pushing them across the sea after germination, we wanted to build a display that gently invokes the ocean, and seed landing on shore.  The frame is sturdy and evokes driftwood, the textured liner evokes the sand.  Encased in panes of Museum Glass, a wonderful project to have worked on. 

"While the functional characteristics of Lodoicea are similar to other trees of monodominant forests in the humid tropics, its unique features include a huge seed, effective funnelling mechanism and diverse community of closely associated animals. These attributes suggest a long evolutionary history under relatively stable conditions. Of the six monospecific endemic palms in Seychelles, Lodoicea is the "only true case of island gigantism among Seychelles flowering plants, a unique feature of Seychelles vegetation". It holds three botanical records: the largest fruit so far recorded weighed 42 kg, the mature seeds weighing up to 17.6 kg are the world's heaviest, and the female flowers are the largest of any palm."